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Автор: Menno-Jan Kraak
Издательство: Ingram
Жанр произведения: География
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9781589483668
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      Mapping Time



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      Kraak, M. J.

      Mapping time : illustrated by Minard’s map of Napoleon’s Russian Campaign of 1812 / Menno-Jan Kraak. -- First edition.

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      ISBN 978-1-58948-312-5 (hardcover : alk. paper) -- ISBN 978-1-58948-366-8 (electronic)

      1. Cartography—Philosophy. 2. Cartography—Methodology. 3. Napoleonic Wars, 1800–1815--Campaigns—Russia--Maps. 4. Minard, Charles Joseph, 1781–1870 Carte figurative des pertes successives en hommes de l’Arm?e francaise dans la campagne de Russie 1812–1813. I. Title.

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       Introduction: Maps tell time

       1 Napoleon’s Russian campaign

       About Gerrit Janz Kraak

       2 Minard’s map

       2.1 The map

       About Minard

       2.2 Minard’s work

       2.3 Mapping 1812

       As a historical event

       Inspired by Minard