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Автор: Майн Рид
Издательство: Bookwire
Жанр произведения: Языкознание
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9788027247219
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       Chapter L. A Conflict with Coyotes.

       Chapter LI. Twice Intoxicated.

       Chapter LII. An Awakener.

       Chapter LIII. Just in Time.

       Chapter LIV. A Prairie Palanquin.

       Chapter LV. Un Dia de Novedades.

       Chapter LVI. A Shot at the Devil.

       Chapter LVII. Sounding the Signal.

       Chapter LVIII. Recoiling from a Kiss.

       Chapter LIX. Another who cannot rest.

       Chapter LX. A Fair Informer.

       Chapter LXI. Angels on Earth.

       Chapter LXII. Waiting for the Cue.

       Chapter LXIII. A Jury of Regulators.

       Chapter LXIV. A Series of Interludes.

       Chapter LXV. Still another Interlude.

       Chapter LXVI. Chased by Comanches.

       Chapter LXVII. Los Indios!

       Chapter LXVIII. The Disappointed Campaigners.

       Chapter LXIX. Mystery and Mourning.

       Chapter LXX. Go, Zeb, and God Speed You!

       Chapter LXXI. The Sorell Horse.

       Chapter LXXII. Zeb Stump on the Trail.

       Chapter LXXIII. The Prairie Island.

       Chapter LXXIV. A Solitary Stalker.

       Chapter LXXV. On the Trail.

       Chapter LXXVI. Lost in the Chalk.

       Chapter LXXVII. Another Link.

       Chapter LXXVIII. A Horse-Swop.

       Chapter LXXIX. An Untiring Tracker.

       Chapter LXXX. A Doorway Well Watched.

       Chapter LXXXI. Heads Down—Heels Up!

       Chapter LXXXII. A Queer Parcel.

       Chapter LXXXIII. Limbs of the Law.

       Chapter LXXXIV. An Affectionate Nephew.

       Chapter LXXXV. A Kind Cousin.

       Chapter LXXXVI. A Texan Court.

       Chapter LXXXVII. A False Witness.

       Chapter LXXXVIII. An Unwilling Witness.

       Chapter LXXXIX. The Confession of the Accused.

       Chapter XC. A Court Quickly Cleared.

       Chapter XCI. A Chase through a Thicket.

       Chapter XCII. A Reluctant Return.

       Chapter XCIII. A Body Beheaded.

       Chapter XCIV. The Mystery Made Clear.

       Chapter XCV. The Last Witness.

       Chapter XCVI. Stole Away!

       Chapter XCVII. The Chase of the Assassin.

       Chapter XCVIII. Not Dead yet.

       Chapter XCIX. Attempted Murder and Suicide.

       Chapter C. Joy.


       Table of Contents

      The stag of Texas, reclining in midnight lair, is startled from his slumbers by the hoofstroke of a horse.

      He does not forsake his covert, nor yet rise to his feet. His domain is shared by the wild steeds of the savannah, given to nocturnal straying. He only uprears his head; and, with antlers o’ertopping the tall grass, listens for a repetition of the sound.

      Again is the hoofstroke heard, but with altered intonation. There is a ring of metal—the clinking of steel