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Автор: Майн Рид
Издательство: Bookwire
Жанр произведения: Языкознание
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9788027247219
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       Mayne Reid

      The Headless Horseman

      (Horror Classic)

      Published by


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      2018 OK Publishing

      ISBN 978-80-272-4721-9

      Table of Contents


       Chapter I. The Burnt Prairie.

       Chapter II. The Trail of the Lazo.

       Chapter III. The Prairie Finger-Post.

       Chapter IV. The Black Norther.

       Chapter V. The Home of the Horse-Hunter.

       Chapter VI. The Spotted Mustang.

       Chapter VII. Nocturnal Annoyances.

       Chapter VIII. The Crawl of the Alacran.

       Chapter IX. The Frontier Fort.

       Chapter X. Casa Del Corvo.

       Chapter XI. An Unexpected Arrival.

       Chapter XII. Taming a Wild Mare.

       Chapter XIII. A Prairie Pic-Nic.

       Chapter XIV. The Manada.

       Chapter XV. The Runaway Overtaken.

       Chapter XVI. Chased by Wild Stallions.

       Chapter XVII. The Mustang Trap.

       Chapter XVIII. Jealousy upon the Trail.

       Chapter XIX. Whisky and Water.

       Chapter XX. An Unsafe Position.

       Chapter XXI. A Duel within Doors.

       Chapter XXII. An Unknown Donor.

       Chapter XXIII. Vows of Vengeance.

       Chapter XXIV. On the Azotea.

       Chapter XXV. A Gift Ungiven.

       Chapter XXVI. Still on the Azotea.

       Chapter XXVII. I Love You!—I Love You!

       Chapter XXVIII. A Pleasure Forbidden.

       Chapter XXIX. El Coyote at Home.

       Chapter XXX. A Sagittary Correspondence.

       Chapter XXXI. A Stream Cleverly Crossed.

       Chapter XXXII. Light and Shade.

       Chapter XXXIII. A Torturing Discovery.

       Chapter XXXIV. A Chivalrous Dictation.

       Chapter XXXV. An Uncourteous Host.

       Chapter XXXVI. Three Travellers on the same Track.

       Chapter XXXVII. A Man Missing.

       Chapter XXXVIII. The Avengers.

       Chapter XXXIX. The Pool of Blood.

       Chapter XL. The Marked Bullet.

       Chapter XLI. Cuatro Cavalleros.

       Chapter XLII. Vultures on the Wing.

       Chapter XLIII. The Cup and the Jar.

       Chapter XLIV. A Quartette of Comanches.

       Chapter XLV. A Trail gone Blind.

       Chapter XLVI. A Secret Confided.

       Chapter XLVII. An Intercepted Epistle.

       Chapter XLVIII. Isidora.

       Chapter XLIX. The Lazo