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Автор: Tyler Greenblatt
Издательство: Ingram
Жанр произведения: Автомобили и ПДД
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isbn: 9781613255889
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      Names: Greenblatt, Tyler, 1988- author.

      Title: 1001 Steve McQueen facts : the rides, roles, and realities of the King of Cool / Tyler Greenblatt. Other titles: One thousand one Steve McQueen facts Description: Forest Lake, MN : CarTech, Inc., [2020]

      Identifiers: LCCN 2019048950 | ISBN 9781613254738 (paperback)

      Subjects: LCSH: McQueen, Steve, 1930-1980--Miscellanea. | Motion picture actors and actresses--United States--Miscellanea. | Stage props. | Automobiles in motion pictures.

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       About the Author



       Chapter 1: Early Life

       Personal Life

       Movie Facts

       Automobile Collection


       Chapter 2: 1950–1955

       Personal Life

       Movie Facts

       Movie Automobile Facts

       Automobile Collection


       Chapter 3: 1956–1960

       Personal Life

       Movie Facts

       Movie Automobile Facts

       Automobile Collection


       Chapter 4: 1961–1965

       Personal Life