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Diarylethene Molecular Photoswitches - Masahiro Irie

Автор: Masahiro Irie
Издательство: John Wiley & Sons Limited
Жанр произведения: Химия
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9783527822867

A comprehensive review to the synthesis, properties, and applications of diarylethene-based molecular photoswitches<br> <br> Diarylethene Molecular Photoswitches: Concept and Functionalities provides the fundamental concepts of molecular photoswitches and includes information on how the bistable photoswitches of diarylethenes modulate the functions of materials and biological activities. Written by Masahiro Irie (the inventor of photochromic diarylethene compound), the book explores the reaction mechanism, photoswitching performance, photoswitchable crystals, and the myriad applications of diarylethenes based photoswitches. <br> <br> This book offers academics, chemists, and engineers an essential resource for understanding the molecular photoswitches and provides a guide to the development of new photoresponsive materials. The author explores the applications based on diarylethene and its dirivatives to Field-Effect Transistors, Metal-Organic Frameworks including nanoparticles, super-resolution fluorescence microscopies, drug release, and self-healing materials. This important book: <br> <br> * Offers a guide to diarylethene derivatives, the most widely studied compounds worldwide among the photochromic compounds<br> * Includes the basic concepts of molecular photoswitches<br> * Explores the myraid applications grounded in diarylethene and its derivatives <br> * Presents an authortative text from the inventor of the photochromic diarylethene compound <br> <br> Written for materials scientists, organic, polymer, and physical chemists, and electronics engineers, Diarylethene Molecular Photoswitches offers an introduction to the topic and includes recent developments in the field. <br>