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Desert Sands - Barbara Jeffs

Автор: Barbara Jeffs
Издательство: Ingram
Жанр произведения: Зарубежные стихи
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9781925880885

Shannon would do anything to save her beloved brother’s life, including making a devil’s bargain with a foreign Prince. But his price was high. He demanded she leave everything that was familiar to her and go with him to a strange country. A country she knew nothing about where she would have to face her biggest nightmare the fear and terror of an assassin’s bullet. Six months ago she had fled from that horror. Now she had to find the courage to pay that price for his help. They came from opposite sides of the world and from different cultures. He was the Crown Prince of Bashram and she was an ordinary woman who was desperate to save her brother.