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Nobility is stronger than fear! - Ванда Михайловна Петрова

Автор: Ванда Михайловна Петрова
Издательство: Автор
Жанр произведения: Детская проза
Год издания: 2022

Tsikl «Nasha Yauza – Reka!», pervaya kniga «Blagorodstvo sil'neye strakha!» Entertaining adventures, characters are humanized animals, birds. Place where the Yauza flows from the science city of Korolev further along the Moscow River … Of course, no «ocean» ships go along the Yauza, but the heroes of the book will construct from an punt, a basin, a rubber boat, «ship» and «sail to the ocean» with songs, here are many children's melodic poems in, to which child can easily pick up his own melody. Key theme: benevolence, humanism, empathy, disinterested help and nobility of the heroes of the book to each other and the world around them, citizenship and patriotism. The cycle of books «Our Yauza – River!», which includes the first book «Nobility is stronger than fear!», is published as a children's book series (the artistic part is presented as a fairy tale). The illustrated book is suitable for children from two years of age. The scenography of writing a book is 100% suitable for cinema.