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Автор: John Lutz
Издательство: Ingram
Серия: A Frank Quinn Novel
Жанр произведения: Ужасы и Мистика
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9780786023042
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      Rave Reviews for John Lutz

      “Lutz’s skill will keep you glued to this thick thriller.”

      —St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on Night Kills

      “Superb suspense…the kind of book that makes you check to see if all the doors and windows are locked.”

      —Affaire de Coeur, on Night Kills

      “Brilliant…a very scary and suspenseful read.”

      —Booklist, on In for the Kill

      “Enthralling…Shamus and Edgar award-winner Lutz gives us further proof of his enormous talent.”

      —Publishers Weekly, on In for the Kill

      “Since Lutz can deliver a hard-boiled PI novel or a bloody thriller with equal ease, it’s not a surprise to find him applying his skills to a police procedural in Chill of Night. But the ingenuity of the plot shows that Lutz is in rare form.”

      —The New York Times Book Review, on Chill of Night

      “Lutz keeps the suspense high…An ideal beach read.”

      —Publishers Weekly, on Chill of Night

      “A dazzling tour de force…compelling, absorbing…Lutz ranks with such vintage masters of big-city murder as Lawrence Block and the late Ed McBain.”

      —St. Louis Post-Dispatch, on Chill of Night

      “A great read! Lutz kept me in suspense right up to the end.”

      —Midwest Book Review, on Chill of Night

      “A tense, fast-moving novel, a plot-driven page-turner of the first order.”

      —Book Page, on Fear the Night

      “A shrewd and clever novel that delivers thrills as seen through totally believable and convincing characters. John Lutz is one of the masters of the police novel. Highly recommended!”

      —Ridley Pearson, on Fear the Night

      “A twisted cat-and-mouse game…a fast-moving crime thriller…Lutz skillfully brings to life the sniper’s various victims.”

      —Publishers Weekly, on Fear the Night

      “Night Victims is compelling, suspenseful, and—dare I say it?—creepy. John Lutz knows how to make you shiver.”

      —Harlan Coben

      “A heart-pounding roller coaster of a tale, whose twists and turns are made all the more compelling by the complex, utterly real characters populating his world.”

      —Jeffery Deaver, on Night Victims

      “I’ve been a fan of John Lutz for years.”

      —T. Jefferson Parker

      “John Lutz is a major talent.”

      —John Lescroart

      “John Lutz knows how to ratchet up the terror with effective twists and a fast pace.”

      —Sun-Sentinel (Ft. Lauderdale), on Night Victims

      “Compelling…a gritty psychological thriller.”

      —Publishers Weekly, on The Night Watcher

      “John Lutz is the new Lawrence Sanders.”

      —Ed Gorman in Mystery Scene, on The Night Watcher

      “SWF Seeks Same is a complex, riveting, and chilling portrayal of urban terror, as well as a wonderful novel of New York City. Echoes of Rosemary’s Baby, but this one’s scarier because it could happen.”

      —Jonathan Kellerman

      “John Lutz just keeps getting better and better.”

      —Tony Hillerman, on SWF Seeks Same

      “For a good scare and a well-paced story, Lutz delivers.”

      —San Antonio Express News

      “Lutz is among the best.”

      —San Diego Union

      “Lutz is rapidly bleeding critics dry of superlatives.”

      —St. Louis Post Dispatch

      “It’s easy to see why he’s won an Edgar and two Shamuses.”

      —Publishers Weekly

      “Lutz is a fine craftsman.”


      “Likable protagonists in a complex thriller…Lutz always delivers the goods, and this is no exception.”

      —Booklist, on Final Seconds

      “Clever cat-and-mouse game.”

      —Kirkus Reviews, on Final Seconds


      Night Victims

      Night Kills

      In for the Kill

      Chill of Night

      Fear the Night

      Darker Than Night

      The Night Watcher

      The Night Caller

      Final Seconds (with David August)

      The Ex

      Available from Kensington Publishing Corp. and Pinnacle Books

      URGE to KILL





      For Barbara,

       As they all are

      And to the memory of

       John Mangosing,

       A good friend gone too soon



      PART I

      Chapter 1

      Chapter 2

      Chapter 3

      Chapter 4

      Chapter 5

      Chapter 6

      Chapter 7

      Chapter 8

      Chapter 9

      Chapter 10

      Chapter 11

      Chapter 12

      Chapter 13

      Chapter 14

      Chapter 15

      Chapter 16

      Chapter 17

      Chapter 18

      Chapter 19

      Chapter 20

      Chapter 21

      Chapter 22

      Chapter 23

      Chapter 24

      Chapter 25

      Chapter 26

      Chapter 27

      Chapter 28

      Chapter 29

      Chapter 30

      Chapter 31

      PART II

      Chapter 32