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Автор: Juan Moisés De La Serna
Издательство: Tektime S.r.l.s.
Жанр произведения: Детская проза
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9788893988001
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      A TOUCH



      Juan Moisés de la Serna

      Translate by Omolara Mofeoluwa Ogunwale Ogunwale

      Publisher Tektime



      By Juan Moisés de la Serna

      Translate by Omolara Mofeoluwa Ogunwale Ogunwale

      © Juan Moisés de la Serna, 2019

      © Tektime Editions, 2019

      All rights reserved

      Distributed by Tektime


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      Happiness for some is a state, for others it is the way, but when love arrives, all pain is gone.

      An intimate novel about people unknown to each other, with mixed feelings that converge into a common point which is LOVE.

      In life there are times

      When we have to decide

      what we want to do

      what steps to follow

      Easy it might not be

      the environment is hostile

      but if we strife

      We can make it.

      Work is important

      daily efforts have to

      Be done, pressing on

      So as to conquer.

      Nothing can stop the steps

      Once you have decided

      To fight with all your strength

      your dream has been achieved.


      Dedicated to my parents








      I arrived in the city, I didn’t really know why I was there in the first place al-though I was sure there was something I had to do because until this point whenever I got to a place it had been for somebody to find help through me, even though this person was not aware that I had been the channel used.

      I stayed in a motel in the suburbs and took the first bus line I saw to visit the streets of that unknown city. When you hear about a new place for the first ti-me, you find out information about the most significant and touristic places that can be visited, but the most important thing for me was to know the reli-gious and hospital centres, where I could develop my purpose.

      With a guide in my hand, I paid attention to each street, in order to memorise which stops were interesting to me in that line, and so I did every time we dro-pped or took passengers to a destination on the map and looked for nearby bui-ldings of my interest.

      I learnt that when one has little time you have to make the most use of it to fulfil your mission.

      That is what I did and for that reason I looked for those places where people of faith were gathered, that made it easier for me so I didn’t have to go looking for them house to house.

      I got off at the last bus stop, it was really a long journey back, but before cat-ching the bus back to the motel I wanted to walk a little and meet people be-cause in spite living in a great country with its own idiosyncrasies, each city has its own style and in this one, each space has its own identity.

      It was a working class neighbourhood with the tenor of the large buildings that as beehives gave shelter to thousands of neighbours. The scarce green spaces around it and the lack of equipment for leisure activities, gave a clear idea that its inhabitants were too busy in their constant daily job to be wasting their ti-me sitting in a park to read a newspaper.

      I walked a little further and I noticed the vehicles, these were somehow old and in spite of their careless appearance it was because of their daily use. Cer-tainly they were used to carry entire families, leaving each person at their pla-ce of work or study centre before ending up in some parking inside the buil-dings built exclusively to serve as parking lots.

      A whole tower buildings that were used daily by thousands of workers who knew that they would not find a free space to park on the street.

      I continued walking, I spotted by surprised that there was hardly any dirt in the streets, this is something that I had already noticed in other cities in their wor-king class neighbourhoods. The more humble the population was, the better taken care of were their common areas, as if they knew that no one was going to come and fix what they did not take care of themselves.

      I continued walking and I found a small church in the middle of an open field, it was a tiny apartment in the shadow of two big buildings. I wanted to enter, but when I got closer I saw a sign on the door announcing the business days and hours indicating that the rest of the time it remained closed.

      Going downstairs the entrance of the temple, ready to start my journey back to the motel, an elderly lady who was passing by wearing a pretty jazzy flower dress, greeted me saying,

      -Young man, it’s early for mass, two hours left still.

      - Yes ma’am, I am new in the city and I just checked to see if it was open for a visit.

      - It’s been long since they opened on non ceremonial days. When I was a child, the house of the Lord was always open at any time, one could go in and pray, have a short quiet time and then continue their way, but now it’s different, everyone is too in a hurry to even realise that there is a church. It seems to me that even the priest is in a hurry and for that reason he does not even have time to open before his time.

      I thanked her for the information and as I had found her a nice lady I cordially asked her,

      - Can I give you a gift?

      - I am not as old as I look, which woman would not like to be given a gift?, but I don’t think I know the reason for it, she said surprised.

      -I have no reason to share my day, I just want you to be happy.

      -Oh, then yes.

      That said,