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Автор: Crystal Green
Издательство: HarperCollins
Жанр произведения: Современные любовные романы
Год издания: 0
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      “Looking for someone?”

      Carlo was resting against the metal gates. He had one leg kicked over the other, casual as can be, as he rested his hands on his lean hips. The grin on his face told her he knew she’d been following him.

      She decided not to admit she’d been dying to see him. “It’s dark here.”


      The tone of his voice made her aware of every breath he took, every unsaid thing that vibrated between them. He slipped off her sunglasses, ever so slowly, and Elizabeth just about fell to pieces. His feral expression sent a zing through her, heating places that had never been tantalized before. Was she doing the same thing to him? Unthinkable.

      But then for a split second she saw what she’d been wishing for in his silver-blue eyes.


      Dear Reader,

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      Happy reading,

      Ann Leslie Tuttle

      Associate Senior Editor

      Her Gypsy Prince

      Crystal Green

      Blossom Country Fair


      To the RWA San Diego chapter, a group of incredibly talented and supportive writers. If it hadn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have met Teresa, who conceived of this premise; Jill, who helped flesh it out; and Judy, who is an awesome critique partner and continuity leader. Thank you, all!

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      lives near Las Vegas, Nevada, where she writes for Silhouette Special Edition and Silhouette Bombshell, as well as Harlequin Blaze. She loves to read, overanalyze movies, do yoga and write about her travels and obsessions on her Web site, www.crystal-green.com. There, you can read about her trips on Route 66 as well as visits to Japan and Italy.

      She’d love to hear from her readers by e-mail at [email protected]. And don’t forget that Web site!


      The Buzz About Town

      By Harriet Hearsay

      Wondering what the best show in town is? But don’t you know?

      Try the carnival at this year’s fair, though I’m not talking about thrill rides or hoochie-cooch dancer revues. All you have to do is camp yourself right outside the carnival’s gates, where the Committee for Moral Behavior, led by our own Bitsy Dupres, is picketing its little heart out. With the way the temperature has been headed here in Blossom (up, up, up!), you’re sure to see some fireworks between those carnival people and those good citizens….


       Chapter One

       Chapter Two

       Chapter Three

       Chapter Four

       Chapter Five

       Chapter Six

       Chapter Seven

       Chapter Eight

       Chapter Nine

       Chapter Ten


      Chapter One

      Careful, folks, ’cause trouble’s near—

      Get the carnies out of here!

      Elizabeth Dupres mumbled the Committee for Moral Behavior’s mantra, her mouth dry from Texas dust, her attention a million miles away from the Blossom County Fair’s carnival entrance as she followed the never-ending circle of the picket line. Adjusting her straw hat’s wide brim with one hand, she managed to shade herself from the overzealous burst of late-June morning sunshine. With her other hand, she clutched the yardstick she’d used to make her sign: “We love our children,” it said.

      Her simple declaration clashed with the other mottos: “No more swindles!” “Carnies are slime-licking fleas on the hide of humanity!” “Bad elements make for bad times ahead!”

      All the exclamation points and obnoxious neon-colored words swirled together in Elizabeth’s mind.

      What was she doing here with these