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Art Schools and Place - Silvie Jacobi

Автор: Silvie Jacobi
Издательство: Ingram
Жанр произведения: География
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9781786614728

Art education has a definite impact on artists' sense of place and their spatial relations. Exploring where and why artists choose to locate is the first step in describing an art scene ethnographically. This research considers coming to and going through art school as a crucial inter-subjective learning environment. Artists learn not just to engage with place through spatial and relational practices, but gain a sense of mobility and transnational flows in a globalized art world.This book is the first time the art school has been studied this way in the nascent field of art geography, blending the tool kits of human geography and urban studies. This is timely against the backdrop of worldwide university closures of physical space and cost intensive fine art courses as a triumph of managerialism and business-case over education. This volume helps highlight how investment in this form of education has an important capacity for nurturing art scenes and feeding into the community at large.