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Rabbits - Virginia Parker Guidry

Автор: Virginia Parker Guidry
Издательство: Ingram
Серия: Complete Care Made Easy
Жанр произведения: Домашние Животные
Год издания: 0
isbn: 9781937049034

A Complete Care Made Easy guide to the irresistible rabbit—that big-eared super pet that is “cuddly, quiet, full of personality, affordable…really cute and really soft,” in the inspired words of author Virginia Parker Guidry. Illustrated with the beautiful photography of Reneé Stockdale, Rabbits begins with a fun chapter on the history beginning with the European wild rabbit, the only species ever to be domesticated, which led to all of our modern-day breeds and varieties of pet rabbit. This guide offers practical advice on choosing the right rabbit for a newby to rabbits, addressing responsibilities, costs, and available breeds as well as sex, size, and personality types. The author gives the reader much to consider, especially when one considers there are 45 different breeds of beautiful bunnies recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association. The acquisition of a healthy rabbit from a breeder, shelter, or pet shop is discussed in the chapter “Adopting a Rabbit,” and the future keeper’s home preparations are encapsulated in “Preparing for a Rabbit,” wherein the author discusses indoor and outdoor housing and safety, family introductions, healthful food options, and rabbit supplies. As with all editions in the Complete Care Made Easy series, Rabbits offers the full range of care required to keep a pet happy and healthy, and the chapter “The Best of Care” includes feeding guidelines, grooming tips, handling, training, cleanliness, and travel advice. The health of the rabbit is of paramount concern to the keeper, and the author’s text covers preventive care, veterinary selection, vaccinations, spaying/neutering, dealing typical rabbit health problems, old-age care, and first aid. For keepers who want to understand their rabbits more fully, “Think Like a Rabbit” is a fascinating look into rabbit behavior, language, and potential behavioral issues (such as chewing, biting, and scratching). The expression “breeding like rabbits” is based in pure biology, and rabbit enthusiasts who wish build up their warrens will be interested in reading “The Facts of Life,” a primer on rabbit reproduction. The title of the final chapter of the book, “Just for Fun” says it all: here’s a rundown of the many ways rabbit owners can enjoy their bunnies—rabbit shows, 4-H events, games at home, and getting involved with clubs (listed in the resources section of the book). Glossary and index included.